Occupational Safety Resource Inc.

Consultation, Training and Expert Witness Services

Assistance with OSHA compliance and developing your workplace Health and Safety Program:

  • Answers to your questions related to occupational health and safety
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or Certified Safety Professional (CSP).
  • An Expert Witness with background in OSHA and occupational safety and health.
  • A site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP).
  • Help in solving a workplace safety crisis.
  • Online construction safety training.
  • A custom safety and health training program specifically tailored to your company's special needs and concerns.

For these and all your other occupational safety and health needs, choose us as your resource and get the help you need to solve your problem. 


Why Occupational Safety Resource Inc.?
Choose Occupational Safety Resource Inc. if you need a trained and certified professional, with real-life occupational safety and health experience -- not limited to the ivory tower of theory but developed and applied in the trenches of challenges met and overcome.
You know your business -- what you are trying to achieve and generally how to go about it.  But Occupational safety and health may not be your core strength - and you don't want it to be.  WIth Occupational Safety Resource Inc. on board, it doesn't have to be.
Contact Occupational Safety Resource Inc. for proven solutions to many of your problems.  Or efficient methods for identifying and overcoming the many new and inevitable challenges that are encountered in the area of occupational health and safety. Or occupational safety and health assistance in the depth and level of detail that you need.
In addition to workplace safety and health consultation, Occupational Safety Resource Inc. is a one-stop training resource -- whether you want quick occess to online OSHA training, hands-on ergonomics training or a complex crisis management drill to test your crisis and emergency response programs and capabilities.

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